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memory 3.2.5 released and other stuff snocorp [02.12.15]

It's been a while since I worked on Memory but I was making a new skin (included with this version) and I happened upon a bug. I also fixed a few other minor thigs noted below.

- fixed two bugs related to choosing BG Pictures and Icons
- fixed the tab order on the skin loading window and the icon dir window
- removed ossix skin (it was really crappy)
- added faint skin (not as crappy)
- fixed readme typo

Go to the Memory page to download it.

I've also added a little padding around most of the tables on this web site as per plastic's request.

Finally, I've added a screenshot of the faint skin now included with Memory

skin links added snocorp [02.10.21]

Some new links were added to skins sections at various sites for mad cow 2.There a very few skins out there but maybe this will help get some more made... or I might be wrong. Who knows anyway? The point is, there are now links. And maybe if I get time, I will make a new skin just for mad cow. Happy now? Good.

web site updated snocorp [02.09.22]

As you may have noticed, I updated the layout of this web page. The content is all the same pretty much. The update was yesterday but I didn't have time to do a news post about it until now. Let me know if you like the new graphics. It uses the same scheme as the memOS skin I recently created as well as a new rainlendar skin I created.

memory updated snocorp [02.09.17]

I had a couple of requests and a bug to fix so I finally got around to finishing that up. Here are the changes if you're interested

- fixed high score problems
- added last position memory so memory will start where you close it
- added hiding icon so you can cover the pictures with your own icon
instead of just a color

There you go. As usual you can get it from the memory page.

site updates and more snocorp [02.09.02]

I just noticed today that all the page titles for the screenshots were showing "falsidle - title" which is not exactly descriptive. So I changed them all to the proper titles. Check them out if you haven't done so. You can reach them from the product pages.

Next I added a screenshot for Memory. You will also find a new link to a skin called memOS. I have decided it is exclusive to this website. If you see it anywhere else, I didn't put it there. It's a pretty simple skin but I think it looks good. If anyone would like to make an icon set for it, I would love to put it in the zip with the skin.

Lastly, I am trying to add links to skin sites that are hosting falseidle product skins. If I am missing any (I know I am missing some), let me know so I can add them all. The more the merrier.

fixed one more bug in memory again snocorp [02.08.30]

Once again a minor bug slipped through the last release so here is another one - version 3.2.3. Once again, the Memory page has all you need.

fixed one more bug in memory snocorp [02.08.25]

I had to update Memory to version 3.2.2 because of a high score bug. Head to the memory page to download it. Enjoy!

memory 3.2.1 snocorp [02.08.23]

This is a quick bug-fix release. Here's the list...

- fixed bug where icon folder settings and difficulty setting were not saved
- fixed bug where high scores were not saved properly
- fixed a few installer and uninstaller bugs

Go to the Memory page to get it.



chris- cool memory game

spyder- a VP member. just wanted to say hi

BruB- don't you just love smart comment in these Shoutbox!

Jacquie- your d/l counter for memory isn't working and I need help on skinning memory.

Crystal Pegasus- I can be found at deskmod usually if anyone has info. on skinning memory. Thanks :-)

snocorp- The best way to get help is to email me. snocorp@yahoo.com

snocorp- i fixed the d/l counter for you 430 just for this version. wow!

aj69- hi i`v gott so manny adaware when i surf with the madcow


af- hi

fabio- nice

Dubi- Hello

dragonmage- I'm having some glitches

dragonmage- Is this still active?

asm- This thing still work?

Red- Boo!

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